in acknowledgment of 承认;感谢



I was sent a free copy in acknowledgement of my contribution.


acknowledgement n. (对事实、现实、存在的)承认

· 释义:

an act of accepting that sth exists or is true

· 例句:

This report is an acknowledgement of the gravity of the problem.

acknowledgement n. 致谢、鸣谢;收件复函

condensed /kən’dɛnst/ adj. 浓缩的;扼要的

  • 1.ADJ condensed book, explanation, or piece of information has been made shorter, usually by including only the most important parts. 缩编的•  The council was merely given a condensed version of what had already been disclosed in Washington. 
  • 2.ADJ Condensed liquids have been made thicker by removing some of the water in them. 浓缩的(液体)•  …condensed mushroom soup.